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Jun 26, 2018 ... Today we're excited to announce the next big step of our journey: Comfy is joining Siemens. As one of the global leaders in building technology ...

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As the world around us gets increasingly connected, organizations are facing increasing challenges to cope with vast amounts of data and customers are increasingly expecting absolutely new experiences and interactions. New technologies like VR, IoT and AI will drive an absurd convergence between the digital and physical worlds, creating absolutely new industries and business moments in which people, data, businesses and things work together, dynamically.

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Buy Graded Siemens Appliances Select from a Wide Range of Ex-display Siemens Appliances from the Appliance Depot the Uk's Leading Online Outlet ...

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Cancer incidence rates are on the rise — expected to increase by 63 percent over the next two decades. To accommodated the growing demand for care, medical technology leaders are axis to AI tools that can help radiation oncologists provide high-quality, individualized treatment faster.

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Today's Highlighted Blog - Back Flips, Tape, And A Plant When I Was Pregnant With Our First Daughter My Sister Cassie Gave Me Plant. I Kill Plants. But I.

Siemens to Acquire Mendix

It feels like yesterday when Derckjan, Roald and I first got together in a cafe in Rotterdam to start on this journey. What I most vividly remember about that affair is our shared vision for the type of company, culture and team we wanted to create. We made a commitment that our company would always accept a customer-centric and purpose-driven culture, and left that first affair with a dual mission, which still drives everything we do:

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Jun 5, 2018 ... Siemens nominates compliance professional to Board ... and Ethics Blog and eight podcasts; The FCPA Compliance Report, Compliance into ...

How Siemens Healthineers Is Streamlining Cancer Therapy with AI

One of the world’s leading healthcare companies, Siemens Healthineers, is application an NVIDIA GPU-based supercomputing infrastructure to develop AI software for generating organ segmentations that accredit precision radiation therapy.

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Aug 1, 2018 ... World leader in industrial equipment, Siemens, will aquire Mendix. ... This blog was originally written prior to the close date of the transaction ...

MediaService Digital Industries

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what would happen in the next decade. We pioneered a multi-billion software category, with thousands of barter and 100s of amazing ally building incredible solutions. We are the #1 Cloud Company to work for as rated by Glassdoor, we’re ranked as the undisputed leader in not 1 but 2 main software categories by Gartner & Forrester. We have over 60,000 amorous ‘business engineers’ building their careers and great businesses on our platform, and 50 universities about the world teaching the Mendix-way to the next generation of talent.

Siemens industry inc

Use of 3D Printing technology to create medical devices has been widely publicized over the past several years. Most of these stories illustrate the u.

Comfy Joins the Siemens Family

The idea of Mendix sparked from our personal experience and annoyance with custom software development. We could see that IT organizations were just not set up to deal with the amount of change coming their way, so our thinking was simple – what if we could speed app delivery by an order of magnitude and alleviate the entire workforce to participate in the appliance delivery process? We would effectively eliminate the biggest and most expensive aqueduct in the history of appliance development: human capital!


Siemens MediaService Digital Industries Online 09/2019 ... Sicherer Tunnelbetrieb - Simulationssoftware von Siemens ermöglicht optimale Luftzirkulation selbst ...

UK's Leading Online Outlet of Siemens Graded Appliances

Today marks the next phase in a journey that started added than a decade ago. I am very excited to announce that we have reached an agreement under which Siemens AG will acquire Mendix for €0.6B ($730M) in cash, plus a significant multi-year investment to accelerate R&D innovation and global footprint of our platform.

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